Will you vote for me?

On election day, can I count on your support?  Help Jeff Dove Jr. fight for the people of Virginia's congressional district 11

Who's pledging

Gertrud Gelfand
Matthew Hutchison
Carter Swenson
Kathleen Hunt
Shawn Hammer
Bryan McGill
Matthew Neverusky
Walt Seiberling
Alan Royer
Tim Parr
Adam Miller
Misty Mazingo
Stacy Forbes
leala kurtzke
Peter Rey
Anthony Snyder
Steven Cox
Andrew Blystone
Louann Cashill
joseph dalfonzo
Julie Maitra
Ron Durant
Scott Gammon
Shumbey Calvin
Kerry Hutton
Brett Dodson

18 votes

Yes I support Jeffery.
I might I might support Jeffery. Tell me more.
No I do not support Jeffery.