Social Security Multi Factor Authentication

Plan to secure American's social security number usage in all forms to alleviate various forms of fraud.

Jeff Dove proposes legislation to help secure American’s social security numbers

Most Americans are aware of the fact that the social security number(SSN) was never intended to be the way that citizens are identified in the United States. There was a shift where everything has become tied to this one number. Whether it is trying to obtain a loan, obtaining a driver’s license, paying taxes, or proving citizenship.


Because of this shift measures should be taken to ensure that people are who they say they are when doing anything which requires this number be presented.

Dove is proposing that all interactions that require the social security number have multi-factor authentication tied to them. In 2016 the Social Security Administration was focused on multi-factor authentication for their “my Social Security” website. This was later rolled back due to concerns raised by citizens.

This measure taken by the previous administration was not intended to protect citizens from fraud on all interactions requiring a social security number. Its sole purpose was to add another layer of protection on the “my Social Security” website.

Multi-factor authentication tied to all SSN interactions could be as simple as adding a verbally stated word, biometric information, a mobile device generated passcode, a picture or any number of other methods. All citizens should feel safe that no person would be able to use their SSN for nefarious purposes.

By forcing a “sure up” of all SSNs that would help to eliminate things such as employment fraud and some tax fraud where people use other people’s SSNs to obtain work or steal tax refunds.

Dove said “Ensuring the safety and security of all Americans does not just end where the physical world meets the digital. We must use more proactive methods of protecting the citizenry from any form of crime that affects them”