JEFF DOVE, VA-11 Republican Congressional Nominee Leads all Virginia Candidates in Small Donations; Eclipses Bernie Sanders

The Jeff Dove campaign dominates grassroots support in Virginia house races. Continue reading

Connolly Runs from Dove Avoids Constituents

Jeff Dove Attends Service at Local Mosque to Discuss Community Issues; Rep. Gerry Connolly Refuses to Enter Building, Avoids Constituents. Continue reading


Jeff Dove has received the support of one of the nation's leading Veteran Congressional support organizations Continue reading

Jeff Dove Hosts Town Hall Focused on Tax Reform Event Highlights Clear Contrast with Rep. Connolly

Jeff Dove hosts another Town Hall in VA-11 to show that he is willing to listen to every member of the community. Continue reading

Jeff Dove Secures Republican Nomination for Virginia’s 11th Congressional District

Jeff Dove has made history in Virginia's 11th Congressional District. Continue reading

Jeff Dove Campaign Calls on Congressman Connolly to Denounce Louis Farrakhan

The recent remarks by a hate filled individual with ties to many elected officials should be denounced. Continue reading

Jeff Dove’s Statement on the State of the Union

The President gave an optimistic view on the state of our union and where we go from here. Continue reading

Jeff Dove Hosts Town Hall Focused on Digital Security in Annandale Event Highlights Dove’s plan to Reduce Identity Theft

Jeff Dove met with the people of VA-11 to discuss protecting their security in a digital age. Continue reading

Partisan Connolly Votes to Shut Down Government Reckless Vote Holds the Government Hostage

The government should never be shutdown. The representation of the 11th Congressional district is failing it's constituents. Continue reading

Jeff Dove’s Campaign Blasts Congressman Gerry Connolly’s Vote Against Middle Class Families Partisan Connolly Sides with Nancy Pelosi

My opponent has decided to play partisan politics with people's money. He will have to answer to the people of the 11th district. Continue reading