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Connolly sends “tracker” to conduct surveillance on Dove campaign


Five-term incumbent U.S. Rep. Gerry Connolly has assigned a “tracker” to follow Republican challenger Jeff Dove, an effort Dove today called “equal parts comical and troubling.”


The tracker, who identified herself as a member of the Connolly campaign, turned up with a video camera to record Dove as he spoke at a campaign gathering at Historic Blenheim in Fairfax. Dove spoke on the need to diversify the region’s economy, the need for government to help citizens prevent identity theft, and heard from a constituent who said Connolly’s office failed to meaningfully reply to her inquiry about the cost of mammograms for at-risk women.


The use of “trackers” has sparked criticism from good government advocates who say they are often used to intimidate opposing candidates and in hopes of capturing a “gotcha” moment or put candidates off balance. The individuals are dispatched to shadow and conduct video surveillance on opposing candidates.


“We are more than a year way from the congressional election and Gerry Connolly is already sending people out to conduct surveillance on challengers?” Dove said. “He should be coming to events to explain his failure to pass meaningful legislation or to help build the economy of the 11th Congressional District.”


Dove said he is not worried.


“As a black man, I’m used to being followed around,” he quipped.” It’s just sad that it’s being ordered by a member of congress.”


An Iraq War veteran, Dove has filed for the Republican nomination to challenge Connolly in next year’s general election.