Partisan Connolly Votes to Shut Down Government Reckless Vote Holds the Government Hostage

The government should never be shutdown. The representation of the 11th Congressional district is failing it's constituents.

Woodbridge, VA- Today, Jeff Dove’s campaign lambasted Congressman Gerry Connolly for voting to shut down the government. In one vote, Congress Connolly voted against the healthcare of children, federal employees, and the military.  

Congressman Connolly’s reckless vote to shut down the government put our national security at risk, along with leaving paychecks for members of the military on hold. At the same time, his vote hurts a variety of his very own constituents who are federal workers, contractors, and families who depend on CHIP.

CHIP is a vital program that allows for low-cost health care coverage to children and women who are pregnant. In the fiscal year 2016, Virginia received over $263 million in federal CHIP funding. Virginia had over 192,000 children dependent on the CHIP program. 

Jeff Dove stated, “As a veteran, I am appalled that Congressman Connolly would play political games with our military.  It is clear that Congressman Connolly continues to put partisan politics above the interests of his own constituents. I’m running to bring common sense to Washington because of actions just like this."

“It was not surprising when ‘partisan Connolly’ voted against real tax relief for families,” said campaign spokesperson Spencer Sullivan. “However, it’s incomprehensible that Connolly voted today to hurt and children in Virginia. It’s clear that Congressman Connolly’s loyalty to Washington politics is above helping children and women, and he’s willing to recklessly shut down the government just to play politics. Congressman Connolly can no longer claim he is an advocate for families, federal workers, or the military. It’s time to elect Jeff Dove who will put partisan politics aside and vote in the best interest of his constituents.”