National and Domestic Security

A strong national defense is key for our advancement as a nation. By securing our borders we can make sure our nation keeps its sovereignty. 

  • As a military veteran, Jeff Dove knows the importance of a strong, lean, and well-trained military in maintaining our safety. As such, Jeff will work to make certain the military is properly funded by our federal government, and given more than the lip-service provided by liberal Democrats such as Gerry Connolly.


  • Jeff Dove believes in strong, secure U.S. borders to keep our citizens safe and to maintain an orderly transformation from immigrant to U.S. citizen. He understands that we are a nation of immigrants, and thinks that term should mean a logical progression to citizenship, not the use of our nation as a mere place of residence and employment.


  • The refugee crisis in the Middle East has touched the world’s heartstrings, but events in France and other nations show the dangers of failing to properly screen applicants for asylum. The onrush requires that we be vigilant. Gerry Connolly, conversely, showed up at Dulles International during the recent suspension of entries and bullied a police officer on camera. These spectacles don’t help us solve a problem that needs solving: how to remain a place of refuge without become a hiding place for those who would do us harm.


  • Gerry Connolly supported Barack Obama’s dangerous nuclear deal with Iran. Jeff Dove is very clear on this matter: we do not bargain with, nor reward, extremist regimes that export terror, have taken our diplomats hostage, and who are committed to the destruction of Israel and of the Jewish people. Connolly also voted against House Resolution 3457 in 2015 which would have forbidden the transfer of any assets to the Iranian regime until it paid court ordered damages to victims of its terrorist activity.