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Economic Mission

The effects of the tax reform legislation have already taken place. Employees are taking more of their paycheck home, wages are growing, and unemployment is low. Businesses are now expanding and creating more jobs than before. However, small businesses are facing unique challenges that are restricting growth.

Regulatory compliance is often more expensive for small businesses, which increases the costs of hiring workers. At the same time, rising healthcare costs are leading to higher premiums and out of pocket costs for both employers and employees.

The mission is to unleash the full potential of small and medium-size businesses to grow and hire more workers. I will work to reduce the financial burden of excessive compliance and regulatory requirements that disproportionately stifle growth among small and medium-size businesses.

Infrastructure Mission

The current state of our infrastructure is a great example of Congress neglecting its duty. More importantly, Congress has also failed its mission in providing adequate infrastructure. The pain of commuting in Northern Virginia is unacceptable. The long commutes because of traffic takes time away from you. It takes time away from your family, and it takes more money out of your pocket.

Too many commuters end up missing family dinner, their children’s afterschool activities, or miss out on their personal time because of our current infrastructure.

As your Congressman, I will work every day to reduce your commute times and make sure you don’t lose out on personal time because Congress is in derelict of its duty.
To achieve this mission, I will execute my three-point plan:

1. Increase collaboration between federal, state, and local governments in order to be more pro-active in seeking solutions and not reactive.

2. Bring more transparency to the Express Lanes. Providing commuters with more information regarding cost and time will allow drivers to make the best possible decision.

3. Be a champion of policies that increase infrastructure funding, but to also reduce waste in the current system. Ensuring that more taxpayer dollars are going to minimize commute times and not padding the pockets of contractors.

Healthcare Mission

The current cost of healthcare for millions of individuals, families, and small businesses is entirely unacceptable. Premiums and out-of-pocket costs are placing an undue burden on budgets and forcing families to make tough financial decisions. Americans face a product that has increased in price and has decreased in quality and options. That is unacceptable.

I will be a tireless advocate to reduce the costs of healthcare while increasing the quality of coverage.

Currently, the healthcare system lacks transparency and competition. Actual medical costs are not very clear, and that leads to a confusing web of bills. I will champion policies that increase transparency. Transparency will bring the actual costs of medical care to light which will allow for competition to take place.

While we increase competition in the healthcare industry, insurers and other healthcare entities will have to compete with free market forces. This will incentivize stakeholders to provide better coverage with more options and flexibility. Career politicians have caused great dysfunction in our healthcare, and they have failed millions of Americans.

As your Congressman, I will achieve the mission of fixing our broken healthcare system because I’m not beholden to entrenched special interests. I’m beholden to achieving the mission.

New Leadership Mission

Congress is filled with career politicians who are more concerned with keeping their jobs than yours. These career politicians have overstayed their welcome, and they do not have the real-world experience to deal with the problems of today or tomorrow.

In Congress, I will be a new leader that has fresh new ideas. My background in IT and the military has given me a unique perspective on how to protect Americans in the digital age. I have proposed that we need to move to multi-factor authentication for social security numbers. On a daily basis, Americans face thousands of digital threats that harm our way of life and our status as a world leader. It is unacceptable that a United States citizen’s identity, life savings, and hard work can all be stolen at a moments notice.

It’s ideas like these that are common sense but require experience in solving the issues of today and tomorrow. Unfortunately, our current politicians don’t have that experience. In Congress, I’ll bring fresh new leadership that the current career politicians have failed to do.

Pro Life Mission

As a father and a Christian, I will protect the rights and lives of society’s most vulnerable human beings. This is a very emotional and polarizing topic for most Americans. I’m proudly pro-life and will champion policies to protect unborn children.

I will push to make sure that people are aware of all of their options so that they know ending the life of the child is not the only avenue.
Because people are America's greatest resource and we need to ensure we are doing all we can to protect those children.