Medicaid Expansion in Virginia

A bill was proposed by Gerry Connolly as it relates to appropriation of funds related to Virginia and the Medicaid expansion.

Republican Jeff Dove Blasts Connolly Bill to Penalize Virginia

Republican congressional hopeful Jeff Dove today denounced a bill sponsored by Virginia Democrat Gerry Connolly that would, in effect, redirect dollars from his own district toward expanded Medicaid coverage for other states.

“Connolly is all for redistributing the wealth – to other states,” Dove said. Dove is seeking to challenge Connolly, a five-term incumbent, in Virginia’s 11th Congressional District.

The Connolly bill directs that monies earmarked for states that did not participate in the Obamacare expansion of Medicaid, instead be given to states that participated in expanding the welfare program.

“Because Virginia had the good sense not to put more people on a welfare program, when the free market can better provide for them, Connolly wants to punish his own state,” Dove said. “He ignores the underlying reasons states don’t want to join the failed Obamacare system.”

The Connolly bill is one of few the congressman has introduced since taking office.

Dove is a Woodbridge information technology specialist and Army veteran.