JEFF DOVE, VA-11 Republican Congressional Nominee Leads all Virginia Candidates in Small Donations; Eclipses Bernie Sanders

The Jeff Dove campaign dominates grassroots support in Virginia house races.

Woodbridge, VA-- Army combat veteran and Republican Congressional nominee Jeff Dove leads the pack in small donations among Virginia and even national candidates.

Dove’s campaign counted 63% of his $372,692 raised for 2018 as under $200 contributions. This represents substantial grassroots support for a new candidate running against an entrenched incumbent. Rep. Gerry Connolly receives a bulk of his money (86%) from SuperPACs, corporations, and high-dollar donations.

Jeff Dove beat out prominent Democrat populist Bernie Sanders, who made small-dollar donations a critical part of his campaign against Hillary Clinton. In 2016, Sanders’ collected 44% of his donations from sub- $200 donors, with Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and both of Barack Obama’s campaigns all counting small donors as 22-26% of all funds received.

As candidates, Donald Trump and Dove both enjoy significant grassroots support, with Jeff’s 63% of small donors nearly matching the Trump’s 2016 number of 69%.

“I’m running because our district lacks real representation. Unlike my opponent, my supporters are working Americans, not liberal lobbyists and partisan mega-donors”, says Dove.