Jeff Dove Jr. Calls for Members of Congress Names to Be Released

Congressman Connolly's silence is unacceptable on taxpayer money being used for this purpose

Woodbridge, VA- Today, Jeff Dove Jr., Congressional candidate seeking the Republican nomination for VA-11, called for sexual harassment conversations to be taken to the next level. As well, the campaign lambasted Congressman Gerry Connolly for being silent on the sexual harassment incidents in congress. Gerry Connolly’s silence on these sexual harassment incidents reeks of partisan politics and puts politics above common decency.

Jeff Dove is calling on Congress to increase the transparency, and to open up the secretive process it uses to handle sexual harassment cases. As well, to release the names of the members of Congress who settled such disputes with taxpayer funds.  

On an almost daily basis more incidents come to light and Congressman Connolly has been silent. Congressman Connolly who sits on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee needs to put partisan politics aside, and start speaking out against these sexual harassment incidents.

“The status quo needs to change,” said Jeff Dove. “Congress can no longer be a swamp of sexual predators. These predators must certainly not be able to hide in secret, and shouldn’t be allowed to use taxpayer funds to resolve their improprieties.”

“Congressman Connolly who is usually an outspoken member has gone silent,” said Campaign Spokesperson Spencer Sullivan. “His silence on these incidents speaks volumes about whose side he is on. It’s time that residents of VA-11 are represented by someone who will not put partisan politics above victims, families and common decency.”