Jeff Dove Hosts Town Hall Focused on Tax Reform Event Highlights Clear Contrast with Rep. Connolly

Jeff Dove hosts another Town Hall in VA-11 to show that he is willing to listen to every member of the community.

Woodbridge, VA -  On Wednesday evening, Jeff Dove, the Republican nominee for VA-11, held a town hall at Kings Park Community Library in Burke. The free-wheeling town allowed voters and families of the 11th Congressional District to engage Jeff Dove and have an open conversation regarding tax reform and ways to further job growth.

Since the historic tax reform passed, Jeff is hyper-focused on continuing job growth and is committed to keeping taxes low on families and small businesses.  Many attendees at the town hall were disappointed in Rep. Connolly for voting against tax cuts and sticking with his party leadership over his constituents. Additionally, some individuals shared that when attending a recent town hall by Rep. Connolly they felt humiliated by him while engaging in questions.

"It’s not just the small business owners who now get to keep more of their own money, it’s young families like mine, and that’s why I’m so passionate about putting more money in the pockets of everyone in our district,” said Jeff Dove. “The tax bill that my opponent voted against, and the tax increases he supports hurts minority families and communities disproportionately. If elected, I will be a tireless advocate to foster a healthy economy while listening to the needs of my constituents.”