Jeff Dove Hosts Town Hall Focused on Digital Security in Annandale Event Highlights Dove’s plan to Reduce Identity Theft

Jeff Dove met with the people of VA-11 to discuss protecting their security in a digital age.

Woodbridge, VA -  On Tuesday evening, Jeff Dove, Congressional candidate seeking the Republican nomination for VA-11, held a town hall at George Mason’s regional library in Annandale. With over forty individuals in attendance, Jeff Dove was able to showcase his plan to protect American families, businesses, and national interests from the daily barrage of cyber-attacks.

The open free-flowing town hall allowed for a healthy conversation regarding the failure of congress to enact meaningful cyber protections for American families and businesses. Jeff Dove discussed his plan to reduce identity theft by having multi-factor authentication for social security numbers.

“I've worked in IT for years, including in the federal government, and it's clear we need to elect Jeff Dove,” said Patty Zevallos from Springfield. “I have contacted Congressman Gerry Connolly's office about information security issues, and it's shocking these legislators are making decisions about technology policy. A number of current legislators in charge of tech policy don't have the knowledge to make these decisions.”

“It’s time for the congress to genuinely address the grave threat that American families and businesses face in the digital world,” said Jeff Dove. “On a daily basis, Americans face thousands of digital threats that harm our way of life and our status as a world leader. It is unacceptable that a United States citizen’s identity, life savings, and hard work can all be stolen at a moments notice. Congress has grossly neglected its duty to pass adequate protections for Americans. If elected, I will be a tireless advocate to reduce identity theft, and pass meaningful digital security reform to protect all Americans.”