Former RNC Chair Supporting the Dove Campaign

The momentum for the Jeff Dove campaign is building after another major endorsement.

Jeff Dove Announces Endorsement From Former RNC Chair Michael Steele

The Campaigns Support and Reach Is Growing

Woodbridge, VA- Today, Jeff Dove, Congressional candidate seeking the Republican nomination for VA-11, announces an endorsement from Michael Steele. The endorsement speaks to the strength behind Jeff Dove’s campaign and message.

Michael Steele issued the following statement:

“I am excited to endorse Jeff Dove, for Congress - and I want you to be excited too! Families and small businesses of Virginia’s 11th congressional district deserve a representative who will put their needs first. Jeff’s commitment to providing not just a new perspective, but more importantly, to address the concerns and hopes of his constituents beyond partisan politics is refreshing. Moreover, Jeff's background in the military and digital data security makes him uniquely qualified to tackle many of the complicated new challenges that we face as a nation.”

“I ask you to join me in supporting Jeff Dove in his pursuit to serve you and the families of the 11th congressional district." 

“I’m honored to be endorsed by Michael Steele,” said Jeff Dove. “This endorsement speaks to the support behind our campaign and common sense message. Families and small businesses of the 11th district deserve a representative who will be a tireless advocate for their own interests. Unfortunately, our current Congressman puts partisan politics above common decency.”