Connolly’s Focus vs. Our Focus

Jeff Dove continues to be focused on providing ways to move our country forward.

Congressman Gerry Connolly should apologize and be censured for playing politics with the deaths of three innocent people in last weekend’s incident in Charlottesville, Va., said Republican Congressional candidate Jeff Dove.

“From the start, Connolly has been all about trying to make this president fail, regardless of fact or consequence. That’s not leadership,” Dove said. Dove noted that Connolly boycotted the Trump inauguration even as Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton honored the tradition of both parties attending inaugurals as a show of national unity.

“Connolly sponsored a resolution this week to censure President Trump for his response to the Charlottesville attack, but he has yet to speak of the three Americans who died,” Dove said. “Connolly is more intent on attacking Trump than honoring a young activist and two state troopers who died last Saturday.

Yet, Dove noted, Connolly did not co-sponsor legislation put forward by Rep. Barbara Comstock condemning hate crimes and addressing efforts to target minorities in the United States.

“Connolly doesn’t seem to do anything unless there’s a camera nearby and Nancy Pelosi has given him the nod to act,” Dove said. “That’s not leadership. Rather than trying to score political points, he should be working on solid, practical, and lasting solutions to bigotry and hatred in our nation. That just isn’t happening with Gerry Connolly in office.

Dove is an Iraq War combat veteran and a businessman who is running to replace Connolly in Northern Virginia’s 11th District.