Charlottesville Protest

Here is Jeff Dove Jr.'s statement on the Charlottesville protests that happened Mother's Day Weekend 2017

Republican Jeff Dove Issues Statement on Charlottesville Protest

Republican congressional hopeful Jeff Dove today issued the following statement regarding the weekend events in Charlottesville, during which far-right extremists attempted to hijack public discussion over the fate of Civil War monuments:

There is another way to look at the dispute over the removal of the Robert E. Lee monument in Charlottesville. The shameful history of slavery and the war that resulted from it are historical facts.

We shouldn’t be erasing those things. We should be learning from them. The values and tradition each side places in the reminders of this era will be uniquely personal. To re-fight the Civil War over the monuments that remind us that it happened is irrational, hurtful, and ultimately pointless.

The belligerent and thoughtless display of torches and chants of “Russia is our friend” do not reflect the values of the south. They are the rantings of bigots seeking an excuse to claim victimhood. I suggest that we not give it to them.

Dove is a Woodbridge information technology specialist and Army veteran. He is seeking the Republican nomination to challenge five-term incumbent Democrat Gerry Connolly in 2018.